Monday, June 4, 2018

Lions on Cape Cod?

Lions on Cape Cod?
By: Juliana Downes
Today an image was surfaced and sent directly to me. It showed a lion sitting on the beaches of Cape Cod. Could this mean Lions  inhabit the environment of the Cape? This could be solid proof to. After doing more research, lions are definitely here and everyone should be careful of a lion on the beach. According to historians, lions lived on Cape during the early 100s up until the 1800s, but supposedly they went extinct. This new photo proves the Lions never went extinct but just only went into hiding...from us. But now they have returned and why? Well, it's for one reason and one reason only: REVENGE. These predators are back to take what is theirs and they can do it. They are dangerous and could attack you or your children. These animals can swim and run. They could surprise you from underwater or by jumping out from the sand. Thankfully lions sleep a lot, so the chances are slim of getting attacked. But we should still be aware as they are bloodthirsty animals looking to prey on us. If you see a lion, you should feed (drop) all the food you have and sprint from the area. Report to the police and let them handle it because active lions ready to attack should be brought to justice in jail. Lion lives do not matter. This news should not be taken lightly. The Lions have always been here and they are ready to take their native lands of Cape Cod back.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018